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  • ATJ229R2


  • 1. WIFI Photo frame application.
  • 2. Children story machine.
  • 3. WIFI AD player application.
  • 4. Smart device application.
  • Product description: action main chip
1. High speed 32 RISC processor.
2. RMVB/AVI/H.264/MPEG Full format 1080P video decoder.
3. JPEG/MJPEG/BMP/JPG/PNG full format Photo decoder, Max Solution support up to 8000*8000 hardware decoder.
4. Support MP3,WMA,AAC, OGG, APE full format audio decoder, max sample rate up to 448Kbps.
5. Built-in TFT panel interface, direct drive CPU/TTL/Single LVDS LCD Panel, Max output solution up to 1366*768.
6. support screen rotate, UI design is easier.
7. Compatible NAND/NOR design, support large capacity NAND Flash, ECC up to 40bit.
8. Compatible with SD/SDHC/MMC card.
9. Compatible with USB host and USB device mode.
10. Support microphone/AUX input.
11. Built-in DDR2 cache design, OS: UCOS/Linux。
12. External WIFI Module, diverse design requirements of products.
12. Simplified peripheral circuit design, reduce customer costs。
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