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     ZXFELEC Technology Limited was established in 2011 and has established a mature R&D team to provide industry customers with the latest product technology and information, and to provide better product services. Taking the intelligent display solution as the core, it is an industry-wide solution that integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AIOT, Internet of Things, AI edge computing, audio and video encoding and decoding. Involved in the research and design of a series of new application solutions including digital photo frames, media players,advertising machines, AI voice intelligent central control, children's education products, etc., with better cost and higher user experience as the product concept, committed to Be at the forefront of the industry and become your loyal partner. 

    The main business includes R&D and customization services for OEM,ODM and other display terminals of intelligent display solutions. The products include intelligent cloud photo frames, commercial display advertisements, charging piles, intelligent central control, electric vehicle meters, industrial display and other industry display products. solution.

Manufacturer strength

     The company has a complete one-stop product service solution capability from R&D, design, production and manufacturing. R&D team

comes from large technology companies such as Huawei and BYD. In digital products, industrial human-computer interaction products,

industrial control, high-end commercial products Digital products have rich experience in research and development and product actual

combat. The factory has its own production line, with a complete quality system and after-sales service, so that customers can rest assured

that is our business purpose.



  • 14 2022-09

    30, 60 and 90W DIN rail ac-dc PSUs for industry

    Cosel has introduced three DIN rail mount ac-dc power supplies for industrial applications, in three power levels: 30W, 60W or 90W. Intended for rack-mount use, all operate over 85 to 264Vac, and ambients of -20 to +70°C with deratin...
  • 14 2022-09

    Publish Cloud Photo Frames!!!

    Publish Cloud Photo Frames!!!      Intelligent cloud photo frame (Cloud Digital Photo Frame or Cloud DPF), using cloud computing and cloud transmission network terminal services, through the cloud server to achieve photo t...

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