Embeded SOC

Multimedia chip V100 MP5 player

Application and Function:

1.  Photo frame / advertising machine.
2.  Children's learning machine.
3.  Greeting card video player.
4.  Loudspeaker / speaker application.
5.  Provide development SDK kit for customer customization.
Description Inquery
1.  Integrated high-speed 32bit MIPS processor, supporting DSP ASE instruction extension.
2.  Full format 1080P30 video decoding such as rmvb/avi/h.264/mpeg.
3.  Jpeg/bmp/png and other formats of picture decoding, max resolution 8192*8192(pixel)
     by hardware decoder.
4.  MP3, wma, AAC, APE and other audio decoding.
5.  Integrated cpu/rgb/lvds LCD interface, maximum output Resolution support 1366*768.
6.  SPI nor/nand compatible design, and NAND supports 40bit ECC.
7.  Compatible with sd/sdhc/mmc memory card.
8.  Compatible with USB host/device.
9.  Support microphone /line audio input.
10.  Support G2D  accelerator.
10.  Support DDR1 and DDR2 memory.
11.  Support WiFi module to realize network application.
12.  Operating system: ucos/linux.
13.  Package: lqfp128-epad, size: 16 * 16mm.
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