Embeded SOC

ATS3609D ATS3607D CEVA X2 DSP built-in ARM Cortex-A5 and Max 8 MIC array pickup

Application and Function:

1. WIFI speaker.
2. Entertainment robots.
3. Kids education device.
4. Smart video monitors.
5. Smart Voice Devices.
6. Cloud computing services,thin client.
7. Local ASR device for voice applications.
8. Cloud service applications.
Description Inquery
ATS3607*9(D) series selection list
Part Number Package LCD interface Built-in DDR memory Size
ATS3607 QFN68 SPI LCD External 8mm x 8mm x 0.75mm
ATS3607D(2M DDR) QFN68 SPI LCD 2M DDR 8mm x 8mm x 0.75mm
ATS3607D1(32M DDR) QFN68 SPI LCD 32M DDR 8mm x 8mm x 0.75mm
  ATS3609D(64M DDR) EPAD128 RGB/SPI/CPU LCD 64M DDR2 14mm x 14mm x 0.75mm
ATS3609 EPAD176 RGB/SPI/CPU LCD External 20mm x 20mm x 0.75m
Product Description:

1.  ARM cortex V7-A architecture CPU A5, Up to 1.0GHz
2.  Programmable memory management unit.
3.  32KB I-cache and 32KB D-cache.
4.  CEVA X2: VLIW & SIMD Architecture CEVA DSP X2, Up to 400MHz.
5.  CEVA X2:  Supported four 16×16-bit, two 32×16-bit, or two 32×32 MAC operations.
6.  CEVA X2:  Two 32-bit multiply-accumulate.
7.  CEVA X2: 32KB I-cache ,32KB D-cache,Can accesses DDR(up to 256MB)/ShareSRAM(up to
8.  CEVA X2: IEEE-754 standard for floating-point calculation support.
9.  CEVA X2: All instructions support predication.
10.  CEVA X2: Enhanced register file includes general registers for scalar operations and
      address generation.
11.  CEVA X2: Two Scalar Processing Units(SPUs)
12.  CEVA X2: Two Load/Store Units(LSUs) for two independent accesses to the data memories
13.  CEVA X2: Neural network algorithm acceleration engine: providing CNN, DNN, RNN, RCNN,
14.  CEVA X2: LSTM, Feed Forward,MFCC,TANH,ReLU etc.Neural network algorithm lib and api.
15.  Baseline DCT. JPEG size from 48x48 pixels to 4800x4800 pixels.
16.  Support AES-128/192/256 Encrypt & Decrypt in ECB/CTR/CBC/CBC-CTS mode.
17.  2CH on-chip SD Controller integrated.
18.  Support boot from SPI NAND/SPI NOR/EMMC.
19.  Build in multi channals 24 bit input sigma-delta ADCs, SNR>100dB, THD<-90dB.
20.  Build in stereo 24 bit sigma-delta DAC, SNR>110dBA, THD<-90dB.
21.  4 on-chip UART Controllers inside.
22.  Support RGB/CPU LCD display, solution up to 480*480.
Products Application:

1. Translation machine, pick up the voice signal, automatically translate the voice into the
    desired language through the AI engine, and display it on the screen.
2. Voice central control, cooperate with smart home, you can control smart devices at
    home when you speak.
3. Conference noise reduction box, using the microphone array to automatically identify
    the direction of speech, through the noise reduction processing and send it to the
    other party.
4. Smart speaker, you can listen to your favorite songs, listen to book programs, and
    control smart home devices.
5. Noise-canceling microphone, using microphone array to process DSP, can realize
    recording and restore human voice in noisy environment.
6. Audio mixer, using CEVA X2 DSP for spectrum calibration and spectrum tuning.
Product examples:

 Name: Translator device 
   Speak into the device, can translate the speech content into another language you want, and show on the screen.
 Name:  Voice Central Control
   LCD display can show the status of smart devices, speech can control the Iot devices with Tuya smart, no need to do hands.
 Name:Conference speaker 
   Automatically identify the language of the speaker during the meeting and translate  into local language, connect to  network, and adapt to third-party
 voice systems.
 Name: Noise reduction Microphone
   Eliminate ambient noise, restore human voices, and keep the sound clear and loud in squares,  conference halls.
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