HMI display module

ZXFHMI Intelligent controller

Application and Function:

1. Integrated stove and range hood.
2. Intelligent charging pile.
3. Commercial display advertising machine.
4. Thermostat panel.
5, home appliance panel.
6. Instrumentation.
7. Industrial equipment.
Description Inquery

1. Industrial dual core arm cortex-a7 high-speed processing controller chip. 

2. Supply voltage DC 12V input.

3. TFT LCD HD IPS display screen, display pixel: 480*480ips.

4. Onboard 3V button battery, power down RTC time power down backup.

5. Support UART interface and customize communication protocol and external equipment.

6. Built in ZigBee module, communication protocol and module can be customized.

7. RJ45 Ethernet, supporting 10/100mbps.

8. Support WiFi networking.

9. Support touch, easy and fast operation.

10. It supports RS485 interface and can customize communication protocol and external


11. Support graffiti smart app.

12. Support Poe power supply.

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