Embeded SOC

SSD201D/SSD202D smart display high performance embedded SOC, video decoder, indoor intercom, network gateway, industrial HMI solution

Application and Function:

1.  Intelligent building indoor unit.
2.  Smart home central control.
3.  Network Broadcasting Equipment.
4.  Industrial gateways.
5.  Video advertising player.
6.  Industrial HMI.
Description Inquery
Product Description:

1. ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core up to 1.2GHz, built-in Neon and FPU, supports DMA engine.
2. On-chip built-in cache, SSD201:64MB DDR2,SSD202D:128M DDR3.
3. 2D graphics acceleration, Bitblt/format conversion/color space conversion/rotate and other.
4. H.264/AVC decoder, support maximum resolution FHD 1920x1080P60 decoding.
5. H.265/HEVC decoder, support maximum resolution FHD 1920x1080P60 decoding.
6. JPEG baseline encoding, YUV422 or YUV420 format, maximum resolution 1920*1080P15.
7. Display subsystems have built-in contrast, brightness, clarity, and saturation controls.
8. TTL/MIPI/SRGB/SPI display interface, support maximum pixel output 1920*1080P60.
9. Supports RGB565 or RGB666 or RGB888 output format, and OSD supports layered display.
10. 2ch DMIC/1ch AMIC input, stereo DAC lineout, support 8K/16K/32K/48KHz sampling rate.
11. Digital gain of ADC preamplifier supports -63.5dB~33dB, and adjustment interval is 0.5dB.
12. NOR/NAND/EMMC flash interface supporting 1/2/4-bit SPI-NOR/SPI-NAND Flash.
13. 1ch SDIO interface, compatible with SD specification 2.0, data bus supports 1/4-bit mode.
14. 2ch high-speed USB2.0 HOST, can connect external mouse, Wi-Fi, AI chip or hard disk.
15. 2ch 10/100Mbps Ethernet, built-in Ethernet physical, and supports extended Ethernet PHY.
16. Supports AES/DES/3DES/RSA/SHA-I/SHA-256 with Secure Boot.
17. RTC clock supporting ultra-low power (<3uA) RTC mode for long battery applications.
18. Built-in SAR ADC with 3-channel analog inputs for different types of applications.
19. 1ch fast UART with hardware flow control and 3ch general UART port.
20. 4ch PWM/3ch general timers/1ch SPI/2ch I2C/1ch Ir_da input.
21. Operating system: Linux OS, 0.5S boot LOGO, 3S to the desktop, it is mature and stable.
22. Package: QFN128 12.3x12.3mm.
Product Application:

1. 86 boxes of home central control.
2. Elevator floor display.
3. IP Network Broadcasting Equipment.
4. Industrial IoT gateways.
5. Electric vehicle meters.
6. White electric display control.
7. Refrigerator display.
8. Smart coffee machine.
9. Video advertising player.
Product examples:

Elevator floor display
  Display floor information, advertising release,  remote information monitoring and safety information release.
86 intelligent voice central control
  Screen can show the status of smart devices, sensor data, operation by remote APP, Speech recognition to realize device control.
Indoor building intercom telephone
   Indoor intercom telephone, with  7inch, 10.1inch high-definition screens, integrated VOIP and network protocols, and can be connected to smart device.
Industrial Display HMI
  Powerful graphics processing engine,  embeded QT, LVGL GUI software, according to the actual application to increase the network, RS485, RS232  and other transmission and control.
Industrial Gateway
  Industrial gateways are widely used in industrial automation, smart cities, PLC, robots, information monitoring and other fields, without wiring and very convenient to use.
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