Embeded SOC

SSD212/SSD210 Smart display processor, smart panel, offline voice, network broadcast, appliance panel and other industry application

Application and Function:

1. Smart home center control.
2. VoIP(network phone).
3. Offline speech recognition.
4. Air conditioning thermostat.
5. Appliance product display panel.
6. Network Broadcasting device.
7. Web service device.
Description Inquery
Product Description:

1. Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.2GHz processor, built-in Neon and FPU, support DMA engine.
2. Built-in DDR memory 64MB DDR2 1333MHz cache.
3. Built-in audio codec, 2ch DMIC and 1ch stereo DAC,  8ch TDM interface, support I2S interface.
4. JPEG baseline encoding, support YUV422 or YUV420, resolution support 1920x1080@30fps.
5. TTL/BT656/SRGB/SPI LCD panel interfaces, resolution supports up to 1280*800@60fps.
6. Display supports RGB565 or RGB666 or RGB888 format. support OSD display hierarchical.
7. Display subsystem has built-in contrast, brightness, clarity, and saturation adjust.
8. 2D graphics acceleration engine, Bitblt/color space conversion/rotation and other functions.
9. SPI NOR/NAND Flash memory, support 1/2/4-bit SPI high-speed interface.
10. 1ch SDIO port, compatible with 1-wire/4-wire bus mode, compatible with SDIO2.0 spec.
11. 1ch USB2.0 OTG interface, support high-speed 480Mbps transmission performance.
12. 1ch USB2.0 HOST interface, support mouse, udisk, keyboard, wifi and other external devices.
13. Support AES/DES/3DES/RSA/SHA-I/SHA-256, booting securely, anti-tampering, anti-copy.
14. 3-channel ADC input / 4ch PWM / 2ch I2C host / 2ch SPI host.
15. 1ch UART with flow control and 3ch universal UART.
16. Support Ethernet RJ45, built-in 10/100M Ethernet physical, support half-duplex / full-duplex.
17. Operating OS support: Linux / RTOS.
18. GUI support: QT GUI, LVGL GUI and other customize.
19. Package: SSD212: QFN128 12.3x12.3mm, SSD210: QFN68 7x7mm.
Product Application:

1.  Type 86 intelligent voice box.
2.  Wall breaker.
3.  Coffee machine.
4.  Elevator floor panel.
5.  Electric tools.
6.  Washing machine panel.
7.  Milk tea machine panel.
8.  Refrigerator display board.
Product examples:

Elevator floor display
  Display floor information, advertising release,  remote information monitoring and safety information release.
86 intelligent voice central control
  Screen can show the status of smart devices, sensor data, operation by remote APP, Speech recognition to realize device control.
VoIP telephone
   IP network phone, built-in 7inch high-definition screens, integrated VOIP network communication protocol, with on-demand, multicast and other network conference and call functions.
Industrial Display HMI
  Powerful graphics processing engine,  embeded QT, LVGL GUI software, according to the actual application to increase the network, RS485, RS232  and other transmission and control.
Smart Coffee device
  Traditional coffee device with LCD color display. easy to use touch screen, strength, volume and milk foam amount and other parameters can be adjusted any time.
Smart Juicer device
  Juicer with high-definition LCD panel, intuitive display, touch operation,  fast product customization and function development.
Washing Machine with display Panel
  Washing device with large-screen  touch screen panel, operation is intuitive and simple, replacing the complex button operation mode of traditional washing machines.

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