LCD controller board

Raspberry pi driver board for 4.3inch-10.1inch

Application and Function:

1. Industrial robots.
2. Raspberry Pi display.
3. Computer monitor.
4. Notebook secondary screen.
5. Supermarket casier.
6. HDMI and VGA input.
7. High backlight power, bright displa.
Description Inquery
Product description:

1.  Industrial control grade professional display main control chip.
2.  The supply voltage is compatible with DC 5V/12V inputs.
3.  The display interface is compatible with TTL 50PIN/LVDS 40PIN.
4.  The maximum pixel support of the display is up to 1920*1080 @60Hz.
5.  HD input, support up to 1920*1080@60Hz PC pixels.
6.  Compatible with VGA input, fully compatible with a variety of input pixel formats.
7.  Built-in EDID, PC automatically recognizes screen pixels and PC adaptive.
8.  Supports analog dimming and digital dimming.
9.  Compatible with remote control operation.
10.  PCBA size: 80mm*60mm, suitable size, easy to assemble.
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