Embeded SOC

MP4/MP5 multimedia player chip ATJ2273B actions

Application and Function:

1.  Digital photoframe player.
2.  Portable player application.
3.  Children study device.
4.  Loudspeaker application.
5.  Game player.
6.  MP4/MP5 video player.
Description Inquery
Product description:

1. High speed 32 RISC processor. 
2. Full format 720P video decoder. 
3. Hardware decoding acceleration is up to 8192*8192 pixels for JPEG baselien format.  
4. Support MP3,WMA,AAC, OGG, APE full format decoder. 
5. Support CPU/RGB666 TFT Panel,resolution up to 1024*1024.
6. Support microphone input. 
7. Built-in PMU unit, Simplified circuit design。
8. Compatible with DDR1 or DDR2 cache design,Increased device selectivity。 
9. Two layer PCB design,reduce customer costs。
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