Company Info


Our products:

     Professionally provide digital photo frames, industrial display modules, industrial control modules, commercial displays, video advertising machines and other product solutions, as well as commercial advertising publishing systems, intelligent furniture product system integration solutions. 


Our Technology:

      Specializing in the development and application of lightweight operating system technologies such as Linux, Ucos, and network products, it has accumulated strong technical research and development strength in professional application fields such as industrial products, home appliances, digital photo frames, video advertising machines, and online advertising. Quickly provide customers with application information and integrated solutions of professional products. And provide supporting development information, maintenance, and assist customers to achieve the technical support and technical services required for product marketization.


Our Services:

     24 hours every day to respond to customer needs, so that customers are satisfied and assured. Product function customization and function expansion. The purpose of our company is "Technology changes the world, technology changes the pattern".

Our Qualifications