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Publish Cloud Photo Frames!!!


Publish Cloud Photo Frames!!!

     Intelligent cloud photo frame (Cloud Digital Photo Frame or Cloud DPF), using cloud computing and cloud transmission network terminal services, through the cloud server to achieve photo transmission and sharing of traditional digital photo frame upgrade products. With remote sharing, wireless transmission, family sharing and other functions, share your experience and happiness with family and friends anytime, anywhere.


Introduction to cloud photo frame scheme
    Shenzhen Zhengxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. research and development of digital photo frame has unique technology and leading technical services, the overall program adopts Torch Technology V500 4-core Cortex-A9 chip as the core of the entire program, based on the embedded Linux operating system for the operation and design of the entire cloud photo frame system, customized linux operating system has the characteristics of stability, reliability, fast startup speed, etc., and will not be over time product system cache and system junk system, Causing problems such as slow and stuck system, the system does not need to be cleaned and maintained for a long time.

Tuya intelligent cloud photo frame service platform provides the management, binding, sharing and other characteristics of cloud album devices, adopts P2P (point-to-point) transmission technology, does not retain any traces of use in the network use environment, and protects personal privacy to the greatest extent. When you need to share this photo frame with family and friends, you can use the device sharing function of the Tuya Smart APP to use the photo frame with relatives and friends who hold the Tuya Smart APP to send their favorite photos, short videos, etc. to the device.

Cloud photo frame features
1. Users can open the Tuya Smart APP and upload photos/videos to the cloud photo frame placed at home for immediate display. Share instantly so that there is no longer a distance between family, loved ones, and friends.

2. Album management, save your favorite photos/videos in the photo frame, no longer need to open the mobile phone and connect to the network, you can watch them at home at any time.

The role of cloud photo frames
1. Closer to the family, share happiness with the family anytime, anywhere, children are studying or working outside, can not meet with their parents every day, through the photo frame can share the happy things in studying and working outside the home with their parents anytime, anywhere.

2. Follow your friends' information, share the frame with your friends, and share all the happiness together.

3. Holiday wishes, family and friends can share holiday wishes and happy holidays during the festival period.

4. Enterprise information bulletin board, using cloud photo frames on the company bulletin board, the latest activity information, promotional posters, etc. can be published in the designated photo frames, so that everyone can understand the company's first-hand information through the "web album" of the cloud photo frame.

5. Enterprise stores, update preferential information and new product information anytime, anywhere, so that customers can understand the dynamics and information of the store in real time.

6. Point-to-point service between enterprises and customers, through the customized version of the cloud photo frame software system, allows enterprises to carry out point-to-point information communication and professional services for high-end and high-quality customers, which is suitable for banks, supermarkets, tourism, information centers and other service industries.